The Eye shadows I’m obsessing over..

This is an absolute must share! As soon as I first saw and bought these shadows I knew it was necessary to share it with all of you. I feel like a bit of a makeup addict failure at the moment, I can’t believe I’ve only JUST discovered these pretty little things!

Stila launched their Shimmer and Glow Eye Shadow last year and later released their Glitter and Glow Liquid Eye Shadow. They got so much love from everyone that they’re continuing to make more shades in the glitter glow, and they currently have limited edition spring shades as online exclusives.

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Falling in love with new products..

When it comes down to my personal makeup bag and what products I reach for, I would describe myself as boring to be frank. No matter how large my kit grows, I always find myself attached to the same products. Last week my made some new purchases that inspired me break out some items I haven’t used in a while. I always find it so refreshing when I get back into obsessing over all my products; working on sets and in busy environments often leaves me and my face…lets say ‘unattended’, I love what I use on clients and models but I forget how nice they are on me too!

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First Impressions of Skoon Skincare

“In essence, this brand of skincare has kindness and gentleness at the core of its being. Loyal SKOON. users will tell you that what keeps them coming back to SKOON., besides a glowing, healthy skin, is the sensuality of fragrance AND the luscious essential oils.” – SKOON. 

Skoon is a South African brand based in Cape Town. ‘Skoon’ means clean in Afrikaans, one of South Africa’s 8 national languages.

I first discovered Skoon when I was hired by the brand to do a photo shoot for their social media pages earlier this year. Knowing nothing about the brand, I did my research and was really keen to explore some of the products. Somewhere along the lines I clearly missed something, because everyone I spoke to seemed to already know about the brand and was already using it!

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