How much do you actually know about Exfoliating?

Exfoliating is definitely one of my addictions. There’s just something about having silky soft and smooth skin! Not to mention that radiant glow. As much as I love exfoliating, working in the beauty industry I constantly notice that it isn’t something the world is clued up on. We’ve always been told that to stay clean and clear we need to wash our skin but what about the build up of dead skin cells?

This blog post is all about what you didn’t know about exfoliating! 

A build up of dead skin cells causes: 

  • skin to appear dull 
  • moisture doesn’t penetrate into the skin as well
  • blocked pores 
  • enlarged pores 
  • breakouts 
  • dry patches 


  1. Your skin exfoliates naturally –just like snakes and other reptiles, we shed our skin. Maybe not in exactly the same way, but every 25 days or so your skin will renew itself on its own. NOTE: with age this process slows down, resulting in your skin having a duller complexion and possibly more pigmentation.
  2. Perfect time? Morning. – at night your skin heals and renews itself overnight, therefore exfoliating in the morning will be more beneficial.
  3. How Often? – listen to your skin. If you have a combination to oily skin, your skin naturally exfoliating itself will happen more often. Therefore exfoliate 1-2 times a week. If you have dryer skin; 2-3 times a week will be more efficient.
  4. Don’t over scrub – be cautious of how abrasive your exfoliator is. Always use rounded granules to prevent damaging the skin.
  5. Hair Removal – waxing your face or any other part of your body will also take off dead skin cells. Don’t exfoliate right before or after waxing to prevent irritation.

Benefits of regular exfoliating:

  • removes dead skin cells
  • reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • reduces skin discolouration and pigmentation 
  • creates natural radiance 
  • assists any other products to work better on the skin 
  • increases blood circulation 


Now here’s where it may get a bit tricky…there’s just so many options to choose from! You can go the DIY route of making something at home, you can go for the brands, you can go chemical, manual, electronic…how do you choose?

Manual and chemical exfoliators should be used once or twice a week. These are generally products such as a chemical peel, or scrubs made from granules and are more abrasive. Electronic exfoliators or any hand held exfoliators like a shower puff or lumi spa can be used everyday, they’re made for very gentle and daily use.

For a DIY scrub go check out my last blog post: For the love of Olive Oil

Naturally I have a few methods of exfoliating as it is a guilty pleasure of mine. For my skin I love to use my DIY olive oil scrub, or Buffy from Lush cosmetics (see pic below). Its a solid cocoa butter with ground almonds to give your skin a good polish while you’re in the shower. On my face twice a week I use the same olive oil scrub as I do on my body after cleansing, this leaves my skin smooth and hydrated.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks! Try them out for this weekend coming and enjoy your renewed, soft and radiant skin!

Love Sarah x







For the love of Olive Oil <3

SO..where does olive oil come from?

Olives come from a traditional tree crop in the Mediterranean. Olive oil is a liquid fat, produced by pressing whole olives. Olives are one of the three core plant foods in Mediterranean cuisine. People use olive oil in their daily lives for cooking, it’s also found in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, soaps etc. It’s even used in religious ceremonies.

Although there is little scientific evidence towards the health benefits of olive oil, it is one of the most beneficial natural remedies for your skin and hair!

Olive oil is naturally packed with antioxidants, moisture and acts as a natural antiseptic. Keep reading to see all the different and amazing ways you can use olive oil. 


  1. Deep Conditioning Mask – this mask is perfect for damaged, dry or frizzy hair. If you have recently dyed your hair with chemical dye then this isn’t the mask for you. The oil will remove the colour from your hair, however this is an amazing solution for anyone who wants to remove a colour gone wrong, or want to change up their look.
  • Make sure you’re wearing an old T-shirt
  • Heat up olive oil in the microwave until is hot but manageable
  • Apply all over the hair, focussing on the roots and ends, make sure all your hair is soaked.
  • Leave for 30mins to 1 hour for a pre shampoo treatment to defrizz.
  • Leave on overnight or for as long as possible for moisture treatment (make sure you cover your hair or pillow case to prevent mess).\

TIP: When washing oil out of your hair, put shampoo directly onto scalp and massage through hair without wetting your hair. Oil and water don’t mix, so it will be easier to get it all out!

2. Flaky and Dry Scalp – there’s so many reasons why it happens! From a bad diet to stress and even climate! So don’t be embarrassed and look no further, just use this mask.

  • Mix 3 tablespoons of lemon juice, with 3 tablespoons of olive oil.
  • If this mixture isn’t enough add more of equal parts.
  • Apply the mixture onto the scalp, leaving it on for 20-30mins.
  • Use twice a month for prevention.

TIP: Massage your head for as long as you can while your mask is on. This will improve blood circulation to the scalp and allow the product to penetrate.

3. In need of Stronger hair? – Longer, stronger and healthier hair, of course with added shine. Here it is ladies and gentlemen. This mask will make the hair and head healthier and stronger using just 3 simple ingredients.

  • Combine Olive oil, 1 avocado and 10 drops of pure frankinsense oil.
  • Apply all over your head and hair massaging the product in as you go.
  • For best results leave in for 45mins – 1 hour.
  • Shampoo and Condition as normal.


  1. Scrubs – make the perfect lip and face scrub in your kitchen! This has been one of my favourite DIY beauty treatments for about 10 years. Just 3 ingredients will leave your skin feeling polish, soft and free of all dead skin cells. Coffee is packed with caffeine which helps to circulate blood flow and gently scrub, sugar acts as a slightly more abrasive scrub that is great for taking over the lips (or elbow and knees) and obviously we’re adding our special oil.
  • Teaspoon of olive oil, teaspoon of coffee, teaspoon of sugar (if you’re making this for your whole body then make a little bowl).
  • Massage gently onto damp skin, sometimes I like to leave it on for a while and let my skin soak up the caffeine and moisture.
  • Rinse off with warm water and pat try.

2. Makeup Remover – I’m still waiting to find a makeup remover better than this! Olive oil breaks down everything on your skin even the those waterproof mascaras that can be so hard to take off!

  • Put a few drops of olive oil on your finger tips and massage over the skin.
  • For the eye area, take a cotton pad with olive oil on it and hold it against your lashes for a minute on each side. Allowing the oil to saturate your lashes makes breaking the product down so much easier!
  • At this point your face may be a messy mixture of the days makeup.
  • Wipe away with damp cotton pads or a damp face cloth.
  • Continue with your skincare routine as normal.

3. Shaving Cream – the way to get uber soft skin without emptying your wallet! The oil creates a protective and hydrating barrier between the skin and razor blade. It allows you to get a very clean and close shave without irritating the skin. The natural antibacterial and soothing properties in olive oil are a huge benefit to assisting the prevention of in grown hairs or razor burn.

  • Apply a thin layer of olive oil over wanted area.
  • Shave as normal rinsing razor in warm water frequently.


SO as I hope you may have discovered, there are tons of easy and simple ways to get all the benefits out of this amazing oil! Spoil yourself and let me know how it goes! X