First Impressions of Skoon Skincare

“In essence, this brand of skincare has kindness and gentleness at the core of its being. Loyal SKOON. users will tell you that what keeps them coming back to SKOON., besides a glowing, healthy skin, is the sensuality of fragrance AND the luscious essential oils.” – SKOON. 

Skoon is a South African brand based in Cape Town. ‘Skoon’ means clean in Afrikaans, one of South Africa’s 8 national languages.

I first discovered Skoon when I was hired by the brand to do a photo shoot for their social media pages earlier this year. Knowing nothing about the brand, I did my research and was really keen to explore some of the products. Somewhere along the lines I clearly missed something, because everyone I spoke to seemed to already know about the brand and was already using it!


The three products I purchased to try were 2 items I needed to replace and 1 I’ve been searching for, for a while. I have a combination/dehydrated skin that is very sensitive to products after using natural products for so long.

  • Ruby Marine over night mask
  • Phyto Light beauty moisturizer
  • Papaya and Pineapple exfoliating mask

NOTE: Skoon has a ‘mini pot’ option which is 15mls. Great for trying products out! 


I’ve always wanted but never been able to find the perfect overnight mask for hydration. The product is packaged beautifully, it smells like a coconut cake and has a pale pink colour. It has a balm like consistency that melts into the skin and leaves it feeling smooth and soft, not greasy. The next morning my skin feels supple and smooth and full of hydration. It’s like waking up with new baby skin everyday.

PHYTO LIGHT BEAUTY MOISTURISER (mini pot) sensitive skin – R249

IMG_1347Want something light and gentle that smells like cake? This little guy is packed full of beneficial ingredients such as Marula oil, Roobois and pomegranates which are gentle and full of antioxidants. It also contains hyaluronic acid that helps keep water in the skin. If you don’t like strong-smelling products then stay away because the smell is very particular. You only need one pump to smooth over your skin, it does take a while to rub in, but once it’s in your skin feels so smooth and soft. Throughout the day I found my t-zone got slightly oiler than usual after using this cream and nothing over it, I wouldn’t recommend it for an oily skin.


Hands down the weirdest mask I’ve ever used! This mask is in powder form, you mix it with water to create paste before applying it onto clean, dry skin. I must say the ingredients they’ve used are so well thought out to work on all skin types. Antiseptic properties can be found in lavender oil and lemon peel oil, papaya is where you get all your free radicals and then there’s the AMAZING bromelain. Bromelain is an enzyme found in pineapples, an exfoliating ingredient that only targets dead skin cells. I love the effects of this mask, it gives me the same results a scrub would without having to use anything abrasive. The down side of this product for me personally would be the price, and the product being a powder, I have to use a reasonable amount to get the paste like consistency it should become.

To find out more on these products and the brand go to Skoon Skincare

Love Sarah x



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